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Welcome to
Sensemaking Space -
Coaching & Art Therapy

I'm Conny Weyrich.

I’m the founder of Sensemaking Space and a Masters-qualified Art Therapist and Coach.

These days, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m originally from Germany, half-Austrian and have lived in the UK for some years.  

For online sessions, I work with people all over the world - assuming we find a time when we are both awake... 

You may be here because...

You enjoy your job, but you'd like to infuse it with more depth.
You feel that your work (or life) no longer fits as well as it used to, and you want to explore what might need to shift.
You are going through a period of significant change or challenge and need a place to drop anchor, with someone who supports you and asks powerful questions.
You face an important decision and want to make sure that you listen to your head and heart.
You want to get clear on your values, in life or business, so they can guide your choices.
You are curious how your story has shaped you and how to use it as an empowering force.
You want to harness your creativity and seek some encouragement and guidance.
Things are feeling pretty good. To keep it that way you want to make time to reflect regularly in a space that takes you safely to the edge of knowing.

Neuroscience, shaping meaningful work, healing from trauma, integrating emotions, and befriending the nervous system: these are the subjects that inform my approach.

I combine a solid grounding in trauma-informed practice and mental wellbeing with the often fast-paced and pragmatic world of business – blending my therapeutic training with my own experience in corporate leadership roles.

How we can work together

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Coaching & Training

1-on-1 coaching
Group programs
Tailored programs for organisations and teams

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Individual therapy
Group programs

Art materials for creativity and coaching workshops


Online courses
In-person workshops

My recent work


1-on-1 coaching
Online coaching to explore possibilities for meaningful work, professional identity, leadership style and values.

Group coaching:
A creative coaching approach to running a small business/ private practice;
Boardroom session: bringing the creative process into work;
Corporate wellbeing: Tackling uncertainty;


Individual therapy with a particular focus on working with trauma and emotional patterns 

Group programs:
Creative women’s circle for The Sacred Heart Mission;
Co-facilitating Art Therapy groups and a Complex Trauma Group at a psychiatric hospital;
Co-facilitating a Community Arts Program; 


I facilitate creative processes in creativity & wellbeing workshops, in-person and online.

Recent workshops:
Vision Cards 
Quit perfectionism
Befriending self-compassion
Creative mindfulness with words
Understanding your creative process

What's new

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On my blog 

Latest article: Creating rituals when all seems to unravel

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Current workshops & courses

Coming up: Vision Cards - via Laneway Learning on 3 May 21 (online)

Online & self-paced: Living with Intention - the power of a guiding word
NEW: Sensemaking Studio Hour, a free & private online session

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My latest newsletter

Curious questions
"Considering the scale and complexity of the challenges that surround me, doing my own work and making my own seemingly small contribution can feel almost futile. But the one thing I know is that this complexity calls for creative solutions. And maybe this is where my work comes in…"

"But... I'm not very creative."

In my work, creativity is not defined around artistic activities.

Creativity is our natural ability to imagine and realise new possibilities. Exploring a range of possibilities, options and directions is at the core of coaching and therapeutic work. 

“The essential ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody: courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust—and those elements are universally accessible.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

In our sessions, we will talk about your experiences, strengths, values, emotions, what motivates and what seems to be getting in the way. We will also weave creative processes into the work and switch between left and right brain activities. This helps us explore what we can’t quite put into words – it makes it easier to stay with uncertainty and the complexity of life.  

When creative, non-verbal expression meets language and logic we can work in a loose, emergent way and stay focused on your goals. I will help you connect with your intuition and that inner voice that knows, deep down,  who you are and what you need. This voice can be quiet, hidden behind your ideas of how things should be and drowned out by a busy mind, your inner critic or someone else’s expectations.  

You don't need to be an artist... you only need to be curious, open to trying something new, and have the desire to shape your future and honour your past.

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