Art materials with the words why do we make and does it matter?

Workshops & Online Courses

My workshops are an opportunity to nurture your creativity and explore a range of topics. You can also get to know me and my style. 

Working creatively is a key ingredient in looking after our wellbeing. 

We focus on the present moment and calm our busy minds.
We experience accomplishment and the joy and pride that come with it.
We strengthen our imagination and problem-solving skills.
We explore and express our inner world.
We build resilience for tough times.

Current workshops

Sensemaking Studio Hour a free open studio session. Image showing art materials with the words The Art Of

Sensemaking Studio Hour

A virtual Open Studio style session.
A free hour of creating alongside with me (on Zoom).
BYO: bring your own project and materials!
Click below for more information, some guidelines.
Studio Hours are currently on a summer break, check back in February! 

A collage on some painted kraft paper


The workshops I have scheduled for the next three month are all for private groups and communities. But if any of the topics resonate for a private workplace of friendship group please get in touch.

Collaging : a playful, practical + therapeutic perspective
Imagine 2022 - through landscapes and stories

A book called The Map of Meaningful Work on top of an open journal, showing a collage and a sketched diagram

2022 plans...

These are the ideas I'm currently planning to bring to life early 2022 (online and possibly in-person):

Begin with meaning: crafting a meaningful year (working with the Map of Meaning)

Befriend your nervous system: a creative approach to the science of connection to strengthen your resilience and relationships

“My experience with ‘Living with Intention’ and the resulting practice has been outstanding. It is such a meaningful journey! I’ve never realized the kind of growth and development that is possible when you focus on one word as an intention for the year, with the right guidance of course! I’ve learned so much about myself. Just taking time for myself to reflect and to explore my creativity - such an amazing process. After each 'session' I was completely amazed about my capacity to grow and embrace new perspectives for my thinking and behaviours. Absolutely impressive.
I definitely recommend exploring this kind of creative adventure which led to a deep dive into myself, enhancing my wellbeing, mindfulness, happiness & self-love! Thanks so much, Conny - I will definitely continue with this practice and course.”
– Petra

"I LOVED Conny's Vision Cards workshop. I have made vision boards several times, even attended a workshop or two but I really loved Conny's approach. Often vision boards can be overwhelming in scope. Conny's art therapist background helped us simplify down to focus the process into a wonderfully serene, meditative and creative process. I especially loved the reflective questions which helped me discover hidden meanings in my card on the day and beyond."
– Angela @alifeinflow

Creative workshop with women sitting around a table and Laneway Learning Logo

I teach regularly at Laneway Learning

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Workshop table with art materials and paints

Here are some workshops I've run in the past:

Tackling uncertainty & creating your own support kit
Quit perfectionism - creative improvisation for everyday
Vision Cards - pocket-sized vision boards
Personal Growth after adversity
Working with values
Exploring identity
Befriending self-compassion
Navigating the creative process
Creative mindfulness with words – found poetry 
Understanding your creative process 

My monthly newsletter brings you a mix of creativity, psychology and mind-body connection applied to everyday life. I do not share your details with anyone.

Unless otherwise indicated, face-to-face workshops will be held in small groups to make them a safe and intimate experience and benefit from the inspiration we get from sharing and connecting with other like-minded people. In-person workshops are held at different venues in Melbourne. Further event-specific details will be provided ahead of booking.

No artistic experience is required. Bring your curiosity and openness to imagine and experiment.

If you like the sound of a specific workshop topic but prefer working 1-on-1 or would like to work with a private group of friends or co-workers - contact me to discuss a customised approach. My workshops are for adults (not children), but a private family or mixed age event can be tailored to your needs.