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1-on-1 or group coaching

I offer personalised 1-on-1 coaching and tailored group programs.

We can work online and face-to-face.

Currently, in-person work is suspended due to Covid-19. If you are interested in working with me in-person, please get in touch and we can look into ways of working face to face within the guidelines of public health.

If you are looking for Corporate Wellbeing Services or ways of bringing creativity into a training/ coaching offer for your staff, you can find out more about my services for organisations and teams here.

The benefits of coaching

Coaching gives you an opportunity to...


Life can get busy and we develop routines and patterns which we rarely have time to question or review. Long-held beliefs, values and engrained patterns might be outdated or get in the way of change and growth. Coaching creates a dedicated time and space to slow down, reflect and be curious why you do what you do.

Be supported

I share tailored tools and techniques, research-led approaches and offer the structure, encouragement, and sounding board that supports you during change, transition or significant challenges.


Creative coaching lets you explore and reflect in an imaginative way. We honour your process and the mind-body connection as a source of new insights. Identifying new perspectives and possibilities in this way can be refreshing for people who typically operate in a more logic-oriented and outcome-driven world. Creative invitations come in many forms; they can play a central or a minor role in the coaching process. They engage whole brain thinking and help explore the needs of your heart, body and mind, decode your emotions and tap into your intuition.


Summarizing and synthesizing what you have learned is essential to inspire action and change. It will provide greater clarity and support decision making, especially when you feel a lot may be at stake. Our coaching conversations, detailed session notes and regular reflections will provide clarity and ensure that you can turn your insights and ideas into action and a meaningful reality.

My coaching style is

integrative and multi-facetted – I combine a range of coaching tools, a foundation of neuroscience, and my understanding of the stress-trauma-continuum to provide tailored support and lasting outcomes.
emergent & structured. Rather than following a fixed structure we respond to what is most relevant or present. We are comfortable with a meandering exploration, changing priorities and will still ensure that we keep on track to achieve your coaching goals. You’ll receive detailed coaching notes which structure and summarise our conversation and capture your words – this supports your reflection, highlights progress and informs your choices and decisions going forward, also long after our work has concluded.
light-hearted and deep. I believe in humour as a powerful stress release and way to navigate challenging topics that make us feel like running for the hills. A bit of humour can help when we approach deeper aspects of our being, explore what shaped us and find the courage to tell our full story.
creative. You’ll receive creative invitations to support your work and reflection in-between sessions. These are tailored to your creative preferences and session content. They include further resources, writing prompts, poetry, art invitations to explore your needs and deepen initial insights you had during our session. No experience with art materials is needed, just openness to experiment.
trauma-sensitive. As a therapist with a trauma-informed practice I am qualified and experienced in holding coaching sessions that intersect with therapeutic work in a safe, compassionate, and responsible way.

Areas of expertise

Working with energy and resilience

Being busy seems to be the new normal for many of us. In the workplace, it can lead to exhaustion, compromised physical and mental health and burnout. To achieve lasting change, we need to dig deep into engrained patterns and explore whether there’s a mismatch with the role or organisation we work in.

We need to become self-aware, understand our values and examine the relational dynamics in the workplace. We also need to develop a support structure of strong relationships, emotional regulation skills and effective boundaries – I can help you explore what this might look like for you. This work is relevant for professionals working in organisations as well as entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Creating meaning in everyday life

We all know what is meaningful to us. But sometimes this knowledge has been buried under layers of conventions, expectations, and old beliefs. We feel off kilter and vaguely dissatisfied. We worry that we are steering towards regret, having missed opportunities to fulfil our potential and dreams.

I work with the Map of Meaning (© Marjolein Lips-Wiersma) to help you explore how you can add depth and meaning into your work, follow your bigger purpose and live aligned with your values.

Holistic stress management

We accept that difficulty, stress and, in its extreme form, trauma are part of life. Our ability to self-regulate and lean on a functioning mind-body-connection influences our level of resilience and how we navigate and process such experiences.

Neuroplasticity provides us with the opportunity to re-wire our nervous systems. Deepening your understanding of your personal stress response and emotional patterns helps you manage stress, respond to uncertainty and overwhelm and find effective strategies for navigating future challenges.

Examples of my coaching experience

1-on-1 Coaching

Develop a deep understanding of what meaningful work looks like for you, now and in the future.

Explore your core values and find ways of translating them into your professional identity and everyday life.

Explore future career directions, in the context of emotional congruence, values and integrity.

Support periods of transition and provide clarity for upcoming career choices.

Overcome creative blocks and strengthen creative confidence.

Group programs and team sessions

Group program for therapists to shape a meaningful and sustainable private practice – integrating principles of meaningful work, reflective practice, and supportive business processes.

Bringing the creative process into work - boardroom session facilitated for co-working community.

Workplace wellbeing session to address uncertainty and introduce techniques to create a personal support kit for turbulent times.

Sensemaking Space Gift Cards

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Do you want to support someone who is curious about their life and wants to express their full potential?

Choose from two 1-on-1 Coaching packages, delivered via Zoom.
3x60min: AUD 460
5x60min: AUD 680

All Gift Cards include an additional 30min Discovery Session where the recipient can discuss their coaching goal and ask me any questions.

Please note:

Coaching Gift Cards cannot be refunded, but if it isn't the right fit, they can be transferred to another person (18+ years).

The sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

As I work primarily with professionals, I am used to offering evening and weekend sessions.

I can accommodate different time zones and have worked with clients in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

After purchasing a gift card I will email you a digital gift certificate. The lucky recipient can book their Discovery Session online when they are ready to start.

Any other questions - get in touch!

1-on-1 Coaching Session (via Zoom) - all packages include a 30-minute Discovery Session

"The Map of Meaning was a strong complement to the creative processes and homework invitations. It was also a very effective method for the particular issue brought to the process in that it gave structure to what might otherwise have been an unfocused and 'muddy' trawl through issues. Working online felt seamless, the introduction of the map felt like a natural progression in the work. Engaging with the creative homework invitations between sessions was easy, in part because of my motivation but also because of the quality of the listening and reflecting by you which meant that invitations were strategic and relevant to the process and helped to direct explorations and elicit productive responses. I think the map process would have been useful in any circumstance, but your facilitation amplified the benefit for me."
– Jackie

"Working with the Map of Meaning gave me much more than I expected. The sessions brought clarity and the creative homework triggered some further thinking and feeling inside. You have very fine antennas in deciding and asking for what feels good and is helpful in any specific moment during the session. In comparison to other coaching, I thought this was a kind of a new combination: hard facts with soft facts. Business related and yet looking at the soft facts too, rather than – compared to ‘regular coaching’ - looking at the hard facts only. It goes a bit deeper I thought.
I love the fact that you have a hard-core business background yourself; that makes you a great counterpart in the conversations, and you combine techniques and tools on the one side with your sensitivity for topics and undertones on the other side."
– AR

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